Raging Cockstars Diamond Dan 11.5 Inch Realistic Dildo


New from our Raging Cockstars line, our firmest dildo yet Extra hard and slick, this bendy cock will stand tall and deliver incredible pleasure, with plenty of length and girth to satisfy. The strong suction cup base lets you enjoy a hands-free ride, on the wall, floor, or any hard and flat surface. The lifelike shaft and shiny pink cock head have ultra realistic veins and detailing, while the smooth material is nice and firm to really drive it home. Diamond Dan has a nice fat shaft and loads of length, for an extra deep penetration. He is hard as a rock, so you can really pound Dan without him getting soft or floppy. Perfect for getting into all those tight spots. Measurements: 13.75 in total length, 11.5 insertable, 2.25 inches in diameter at widest point. Material: PVC. Color: Flesh. Model images courtesy of UK NAKEDMEN

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