Bang-A-Hole Fucking Kit


The pounding will continue until morale improves… or until your partner cannot take anymore This complete package is the way to go for limitless plowing. Perfect for extreme play, this fucksaw allows you to pummel your plaything faster than humanly possible, and for longer than humanly possible Buying the kit is more economical than ordering all the pieces separately. The Fucking Adapter can be a hassle to get onto some saws, but on this model, just remove the guard and you are set. The included dildo is long, thick, and juicy with a mushroom tip and bold veins. The material feels flexible but firm, just like a real penis. The speed of thrusting will be determined by the pressure put on the trigger – light pressure will give you a slow, steady pace, while heavier pressure will produce an other-worldly experience that neither of you will never forget. There is a 0.87 inch fuck stroke and 5 way position hand grip. The adapter is electro polished with a smooth surface that is compatible with other cock lock and vacuum-grip accessories. Measurements: Dildo:8 inches in total length, 7.75 inches insertable length, 1.95 inches in diameter; Adapter: 5.5 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter Material: Plastic, metal, PVC Color: Multi Note: Comes with Power Saw 6 amp 120V, 60Hz, dildo, and fucking adapter. Saw may vary from image shown.

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