Mini Stallion Fucking Machine


The Mini Stallion packs maximum power into a minimum of space. A great "on the go" machine, this model has the torque for any task. This is a rugged sex machine with a heavy, sleek, and industrial look based on the larger Stallion model. The Mini Stallion has a linear arm that swings from -10 to +100 degrees for sweet setup flexibility, and great rubber feet for solid grip on most surfaces. The Mini Stallion is welded entirely of steel and finished with ultra-durable gloss black powdercoat. Features include a powerful motor with excellent torque, stroke lengths from 2 inches to 5.25 inches, and swing arm with positive lock adjuster. Measurements and Power: , Size: 14.5 inches x 8 inches x 9 inches, Weight: 27-30 pounds, Stroke Lengths: 2 inches to 5.25 inches, five positions, Stroke Speeds: 0 to 180 strokes per minute, Horsepower and Torque: 1/8th HP, 32 in-lbs. Standard Features: , Welded steel frame with black powdercoat finish, Swinging thrust arm with one-hand, positive locking adjustment, Standard dildo system, platform arm with strap (options available), Detachable 12-foot power cord and 10-foot hand speed control, 6 inch and 12 inch extensions included. Dildo System Options. Your Mini Stallion Fucking Machine comes with the standard attachment system (shown to the right). The Standard Dildo System consists of a welded steel platform arm and retaining strap. This strap is sewn from Velcro and webbing. This dildo system works well with most dildos that have a wide or flared base, particularly ones with balls. Also available, and sold separately, is the Vac-U-Lock Dildo System (link below). This machined aluminum plug matches the shape used with Vac-U-Lock dildos. This system does require Vac-U-Lock dildos. Note: Dildos are not included. Which Dildo System is right for you? This depends primarily on the type of dildos you own (or plan to purchase). If you do not own dildos presently, we highly recommend the Vac-U-Lock system. It is easier to use and extremely secure. Obviously, the most flexible solution is to own both dildo systems. Note: This product is only available in the US. It will only run on Standard US electrical power.

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